World Class Safety. It’s one of our core values at Schultz.

The protection of our employees and the public is at the core of everything we do. Our company’s core values of Do the Right Thing, Say the Right Thing, and Be Respectful and Fair, all work hand in hand with World Class Safety.

Management Accountability is a Key Component. Great leadership is the foundation of our safety program. We engage our leaders to foster a culture of excellence where everyone not only believes in our company’s core values but practices them in every facet of their work. With a focus on consistently improving the skills of our company leaders we use innovative safety training methods that we have created to cultivate leadership, preplanning and communication.

Life Saving Policies for our Highest Risk Work. We developed policies for our highest risk work areas that focus on the positive lifesaving aspect of what these policies represent. These policies are no tolerance and have clear accountabilities tied to them.

Pre-Task Planning. Our employees understand that we take the time to do it right. We pre-plan our work and review the plan with all team members before the work begins, ensuring that everyone understands all safety aspects.

It’s all about Awareness. Our culture encourages us to watch out for each other. Our core values empower everyone to stop work if they have identified an unsafe work practice and to take immediate action to correct it.

We Reinforce Safety. We use various methods to reinforce safety through our culture. One method of communication is the creation of the Schultz SafetyLine; a weekly safety newsletter that is sent to all employee’s residences on a weekly basis. By sharing safety with our employee’s families there is increased support of safety along with an increased awareness for their family’s activities.