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The Village of Corinth awarded W.M. Schultz Construction, Inc. the general construction contract for their new wastewater treatment facility. The Village of Corinth is located near the Hudson River within the NYS Adirondack Park. The work included the construction of a new 0.7 MGD wastewater treatment plant located next to the existing obsolete plant. Schultz’s work included setting precast pipe in the Hudson River 140’ from the shoreline. This involved a team of divers working underwater in the Hudson River for days to plumb and set the 140’ of pipe. The latest technology was used to communicate with the divers and transmit televised pictures and data to the Schultz project team. This allowed the Schultz team to provide live instruction and guidance to the divers as they worked. This was exacting work done under adverse conditions with low visibility and ever-changing work conditions. Construction included:

  • Site preparation including demolition, relocations, environmental protection, contaminated soils work and earthwork
  • New control building and headworks building, pumping station, with yard and process piping
  • Process wastewater conveyance and treatment structures
  • Headworks channels, grit chamber flume channel, and process tanks
  • Wastewater treatment unit process equipment, instrumentation, and controls


Location: Village of Corinth, NY