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Schultz constructed 4.6 miles of pipeline for drinking water in preparation for the largest dredging project that had been undertaken in United States history. This alternative drinking water supply for the Towns of Waterford, Halfmoon and the City of Troy was critical for the US Environmental Protection Agency’s efforts to dredge a forty-mile stretch of the Hudson River for PCBs.  Complexities of the project included coordination of multiple parties on a fast-tracked schedule, installing the water transition main through a closed sanitary landfill, within regulated chemical plants and boring under railroad tracks.  Also challenging was the coordination for the directional drilling performed under the Hudson River and working with archaeologically sensitive areas.

This project won Best of Awards for Recognizing Excellence and also the American Council of Engineering Companies Diamond Award Winner for Water and Wastewater.

Locations: Towns of Waterford, Halfmoon and the City of Troy, NY