Schultz Team Honored with Special Award from the Claudio Cares Foundation

On February 10th Bill Schultz, on behalf of the Schultz team, was extremely honored to receive a special award from Luigi and Lisa Coppola and their family; founders of the Claudio Cares Foundation.  The Coppola’s established the Claudio Cares Foundation on behalf of their son who passed away on November 9, 2012.  Claudio’s passing was the result of a single vehicle accident on Country Route 41 in Hyde Park.  In 2016 Schultz Construction reconstructed the roadway where the accident occurred which has been dedicated and named after Claudio. The family expressed their gratitude to our company for the “tireless work and for the great job your company did in the reconstruction of this roadway.  It will be safe for the thousands of people who travel now and with God’s blessing no one else will perish.”

 “Bill Schultz and his family recently attended the gala in memory of Claudio Coppola and was met with overwhelming appreciation from the family and the community for the job we all did. We were all involved in the highway dedication ceremony and came away with very emotional feelings that we were part of the family and the community.  This stretch of road should be an everlasting testament to a very special young man and a permanent reminder to all the folks who use Crum Elbow Road to always use caution and travel safely.  -Kevin Ture, Sr. Project Manager

The Claudio Cares Foundation has affected meaningful and lasting change in our young people today through Student Leadership Awards, food drives, scholarships, computer labs, and donations to other causes. If you are interested in supporting, please contact Claudio Cares Foundation, 33 Mansion Drive, Hyde Park, NY 12538